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Food Safety Management System

What is it and why do I need one?

This is a written record that you must have by law so you can show what you actually do in your food business, it is sometimes referred to as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). It should include what can go wrong, what you can do about it, the standard you must achieve, what you should check and write down and what you need to do if it isn’t right when making and serving food in your business.

Which system is suitable for your business?

‘Safe Foods Better Business’ is a readymade pack with safe methods and a diary that you complete to show what you are actually doing. It is suitable if you run a small food business such as a deli or café’ and is available to download for free from the Food Standards Agency website SFBB or as a new online package SFBB+ available as an app with a paid for subscription.

Is your catering business larger, more complex or multi-site; or do you run a food manufacturing business? Then I can create a management or HACCP system that is tailor made for your business. This will enable you to control and check the food safety risks every day you are open for business.

The first step is to get to know you and your business through an half day scoping visit so I can:

  • Meet you (in person or virtually) at your business premises
  • Look at what you are currently doing and your existing system
  • Talk to your staff about what is happening on the ‘kitchen floor’
  • Find out what is critical and what could make your customers ill
  • Take photographs which can help highlight poor or good practice


I use this information to create your new system which will include the daily kitchen diary and other checks and records. Once completed a further visit is made to help you start using the new system to make sure it works for you and to make any final tweaks or changes.

Kitchen Daily Diary

The kitchen daily diary helps you manage all your daily checks, such as fridge and freezer temperatures, based on the risks in your business. Note down here when things go wrong and what action you need to take which can help identify trends and bad practice. Your staff  write down all the checks they make in the same place so you can find them easily. This can be very helpful during EHO inspections and audits.

If you have an automatic monitoring system for temperature checks etc. the daily kitchen diary can be used as a back up if the system breaks down.

Want to try out the diary? Then click HERE to sign up. Purchase  a hard copy of the ‘FSL Kitchen Daily Diary’ for £5 (including postage) each or a downloadable copy at £10.

For a small extra charge your diary can be branded and your own checks, such as cleaning schedules, included.

**NEW** Food Safety Management System ONLINE

The bespoke Food Safety Management System and Daily Kitchen Diary are now available online. Complete all your daily monitoring records online making it more environmentally friendly. This is a hosted service with a small monthly fee.

Q & A Support (now including Covid 19)

Times are changing in the food industry and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date. COVID 19 has made things even trickier with new laws, guidance and developments almost daily . Also occasionally you may just need the answer to a burning food safety question or problem that you have.

Through my Q&A support package I can become part of your team and can share with you my specialist food safety and COVID 19 knowledge. No question is too silly and I will aim to respond within 24 hours.

The Q&A support package can be set up either on a monthly retainer or hourly rate and will contact you by telephone/email/virtual call, whichever suits you best.


I can help you with:

  • COVID risk assessments and making sure your food business is COVID secure,
  • One to one coaching sessions, if you have a particular food safety issue or problem,
  • Crisis visits, when something goes wrong like a food poisoning allegation or allergen incident,
  • Business start up and pre inspection visits
  • Setting up food safety management and monitoring systems.

Please note visits can be done virtually or in person depending on location.