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Practical food safety solutions to help avoid hefty fines and keep customers safe.

How Food Safety Logic can help your business

Providing reassurance – sharing knowledge to support customers to do business safely

Doing the right thing – showing integrity and by being trustworthy, always acting in good faith and learning from mistakes

Always acting professionally – sharing expertise openly 

Being responsible – by making responsible decisions based on professional and legal standards

Showing empathy – caring about customers, colleagues, and stakeholders

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What do Food Safety Logic's clients look like?

✔️You are a catering professional/manager in a small to medium sized food business

✔️You know that you need to follow food safety rules but need some support doing this

✔️You are aware of food safety law and best practice in relation to your food business but need help with  putting practical solutions in place

✔️You want to do the right thing

Does this sounds like you? If you have a food safety issue affecting your business right now; then book a free 30 minute discovery call with Helen Groves.


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How Food Safety Logic can help your business.

Training Courses

Need training? Look no further for high quality food safety and allergen training courses with the Highfield stamp of approval.

Food Safety training can be classroom based, virtual or online with courses suitable for all staff from food handlers through to managers.

Make sure that all your staff have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs and keep customers safe

Every food business is unique so ask Helen about specialist or bitesize training including allergen labelling and vac packing. These bespoke courses can be delivered to fit your individual food business.


Avoid hefty fines by making sure your business stays on the right side of the law and avoid the costs of getting it wrong. Bad publicity can affect your reputation and customer confidence in your business.

Using her knowledge and experience as a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, Helen will make sure that your Food Safety Management System fits your food manufacturing or catering business operations.

This will be based on HACCP principles and will help you to achieve and keep a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating Score .

Food Safety Advice

Keeping up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations can be difficult and time consuming. Helen can answer your niggling queries with expert advice.

Her one-to-one coaching and business start up pre advice is charged by the hour. This will help you to you to follow the rules and stay legal whether you are a start up or an established business.

Book a free 30 minute call with me using my Calendly link below. After this expert advice is charged at £75 per hour. Please ask about reduced rates for pre booked sessions.