Why your business needs a food safety health check……

As a food business owner you are passionate about creating amazing food and a fantastic service experience for your customers, but you also need to maintain a good food hygiene rating score, make sure your food is safe so you don’t make people ill and keep within the law.  All this can cause you pain in terms of time and money and result in frustration and worry and might affect the profitability and success of your business.

A ‘fresh pair of eyes’

It is easy to become ‘blinkered’ when you are immersed in your food business 24 hours a day and issues  linked to food safety can become another problem that as a busy food business owner you could do with out.

Food Safety Logic can be a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to help you really see where there are areas of safety or operational concern so that they do not escalate into bigger problems.

How can a food safety health check help your business?

  • highlight problems such as poor temperature control, allergen management or storage issues and  structural deficiencies.  You might not even know they existed but they could be affecting the day to day running and safety of your business;
  • highlight inefficiencies, for example an incorrectly placed hand wash basin could be costing you money if staff can not easily wash their hands in or near their work area;
  • provide solutions and recommendations to solve these problems and inefficiencies to help the performance of your food business

What happens during a food safety health check?

To carry out a food safety health check we will visit your business so we can understand what is happening in real time  and spend a couple of hours poking our noses into what you do, how you do it and where you do it, from when the food gets delivered to when it ends up on the customers plate.

We will use our specialist knowledge to provide solutions and recommendations and will set them out clearly  in a report for you enabling you to easily see what needs to be done to make immediate and more long term changes.

Prices from £200

For more information and a chat on how to get started on making improvements to your business now https://www.foodsafetylogic.co.uk/contact-us/




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