What happens on a Food Safety Logic consultancy visit?

Consultancy fears and concerns

Have you been receiving my top tips and tricks to help you with food safety, downloaded all the great free stuff that I put out there on social media and my website to help you with food safety issues that are stopping you getting on with the day job, but you still feel that you need more?

This is often  the point where food businesses want help but become nervous about bringing in a third party or consultant, and here’s why?

  • the business becomes worried that the consultant won’t understand what they need
  • whatever they create won’t be bespoke to them
  • whatever they create won’t work in their practical world

Hopefully I can put your mind at rest as I do things a bit differently at Food Safety Logic. I am not in the business of churning out lots of boring generic  templates and complicated systems that don’t make sense.  But I am using my expertise as a practising EHO that has been into literally thousands of businesses to help you get your food safety right which can make things so much easier for your staff and save you money. Its a Win! Win!

How Food Safety can save you money

Here is an example to help you start you seeing things my way. Simple actions like an incorrectly sited  or insufficient number of hand wash basins in the kitchen could literally be costing your business money.

How? so if in a kitchen with 10 staff each trip to the wash hand basin takes 20 seconds longer than it should as it is sited in the far corner of a large kitchen. And staff wash their hands 4 times an hour that’s over 80 seconds of time wasted per person per hour. So that’s 13 minutes wasted an hour in total for all staff, over a 10 hour shift is 130 minutes, over a week is 15 hours,  over a month 60 hours @ £8 an hour is £480, over a year £5,760 over 10 years £57,600 – can you see how it adds up? And with Covid 19 this could be even higher due to increased handwashing!

So food safety isn’t just about complying with the law it’s about money – now have I got your attention????

The Case Study

This case study is based on a business I  recently created a food safety management system for. It is a large  college with 3 different kitchens offering different types of food ( with a 4th fine dining option in the pipeline). The problem was the different paperwork systems were proving challenging to manage  and a single system was required to simplify things.

Step 1 Scoping visit

On the first half day, I visited  the business and spoke to the catering manager to fully understand what was currently happening. This involved speaking to chefs and members of staff working in the kitchen/business to find out what they were actually doing every day. This was done for 2 reasons, the first to find out what was going wrong, including any inefficiencies – see hand wash example above. But just as importantly what was going right as these are the things that needed to be built upon not squashed by a new system or practice.

Step 2 Current practices and paperwork

On the second half day, I reviewed all the current paperwork which was different in the individual kitchens managed by different head chefs. This was  to make sure the cleaning schedules and practices including making high risk food were taken into account. Also that date labelling, supplier assurance and allergens etc were taken account of.

Step 3 Designing the new system

On the next 2 and a half days I put together a new food safety management system incorporating the current Food safety policy. I also  included pre requisites and a new kitchen daily diary to be used to record temperature monitoring but also to act as a backup system once the new automated system was introduced. Copies of the new system and diaries were put together with the businesses logos and sent to the business. 

Step 4 Implementation visit 

A second half day visit is usually made after a week or so, to make sure the system is working and to make tweeks and changes as it has to work for the business, if not it might as well be thrown in the bin. (in this case Covid 19 got in the way but that is another story!)

I undertake consultancy visits for any food safety issues or problems that you need help with from food safety management system re writes or reviews,  allergen policies, monitoring documents and more currently Covid 19 risk assessments for food businesses.https://www.foodsafetylogic.co.uk/compliance/

Do you need some food safety expertise either because you are a new business or a well established business that has outgrown your current systems?. Please get in touch via my contact page https://www.foodsafetylogic.co.uk/contact-us/ for an initial conversation that can be done by email, phone or virtually. you might be surprised by what we can achieve together.


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