Want to stay open in Lockdown 2?

Lockdown 2 is imminent causing further disruption and chaos to the hospitality industry. Unfortunately many food businesses will have to close or diversify. Many are considering offering takeaway, click and collect or deliveries so they can remain open.

Changing your business to do takeaway or deliveries

Earlier this year I wrote a blog with my top tips for  changing your business into a takeaway or delivery Here I  explain how to do this and stay legal. Remember to contact your local authority and update your food safety management system including allergens.

As well as this it is really important that you review or update your Covid risk assessment. You need to make sure that you are doing takeaways or deliveries in a Covid safe way to help reduce the transmission of the virus. See my blogs Risk Assessment explained and FAQs on Covid Risk Assessments for further information.

Your Covid Risk Assessment

First things first, if you have not done so already you should write your risk assessment down. Think about the journey or your staff, customers and any visitors to your business. Then put controls in place to help reduce the spread of Covid 19 by social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, handwashing etc.

Sign up to get a copy of my Covid Risk Assessment template  which includes updates relating to the three tier covid alert levels. This will help get you started and will give you loads of regular helpful food safety and covid tips to keep your business legal.

Remember you may have to revise your risk assessment with the new Covid restrictions for Lockdown 2. The new legislation and guidance has not just been published Lockdown 2 guidance

Examples of delivery/takeaway Covid controls

If you have not done deliveries before you will need to add new controls into your risk assessment. Make sure this is what you actually do in your business rather than just copying a pasting. Sample controls are written in italics below:

  • ordering food – customers order food online/by telephone/ via an app 
  • Food collection  by customers following government guidance on social distancing preferably 2 meters or 1meter + mitigation. Signage and floor decals in place to encourage customers to maintain social distancing of 2m when waiting to enter the building. An area for queueing is roped off at the side of the building or asking customers to wait in their cars. A barrier or screen in place so customers can safely pick up their food.  Clear signage specifying how many people are allowed in the pick up area of the shop at any one time.
  • Food collection by delivery drivers to reduce contact with kitchen staff – food collected in a dedicated marked out zone 
  • Payment – customers pay online/by phone/via an app prior to collection
  • Food delivery by delivery drivers- food delivered to the doorstep, drivers to ring the doorbell and leave the food on the doorstep. Drivers to step back at least 2m to allow the customer to safely pick up the takeaway. Drivers to wear face coverings  Drivers to use hand gel or wash their hands before picking the takeaway up and before delivering it at the destination.(or disposable gloves which should be changed after each delivery).
  • Takeaway delivery cartons – takeaway food delivered in clean, disposable food safe containers. Seal takeaway bag before pick up.
  • Delivery vehicles – disinfected regularly including hand contact points such as steering wheel, gear stick and door handles.

Contact me if you need further advice on food safety or covid risk assessments for your food business. I can help you whether you already offer takeaway or are planning to do this during Lockdown 2 .

Also watch out for my next blog with any updates relevant to food business from  the new legislation or guidance for Lockdown 2.


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