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As one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of food safety training and consultancy services, Food Safety Logic is proud to offer a wide-ranging portfolio of qualifications and training courses, ranging from levels one to four. Whether you’re looking for training for your front-of-house staff, supervisors or restaurant managers, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to help.

Furthermore, all qualifications (except the Level 3 HACCP) can be delivered virtually; you can also qualify at home via completion of an e-assessment in order to gain your accredited qualification.

Why is food safety training important?

Under the Food Safety Act 1990, anyone in the United Kingdom who sells or serves food must ensure it is safe to eat. Therefore as an employer, it is critically important that you ensure your staff are suitably trained in food hygiene. 

However, it’s not just about ensuring safe food is served in a clean, hygienic environment. Food allergen training should also be top of your “to-do” list – for both your staff and yourself. In the United Kingdom, over two million people live with a diagnosed food allergy. This number is rising and awareness amongst the general public has increased following a spate of tragic deaths reported in the media. Therefore, it is essential that your staff receive comprehensive allergen training to avoid such incidents.

Why train with Food Safety Logic?

Food Safety Logic is a Highfield-approved training centre that blends a mixture of practical examples, career experience and theoretical work to provide learners with an interactive learning experience. This ensures they’re able to retain information and practically deploy the knowledge from their new qualification in their day-to-day roles. 

Our classroom-based training courses offer numerous benefits for both the employer and employees. 

Benefits of face-to-face training for employers

Train everybody in your team at the same time, ensuring your staff receive comprehensive teaching to enable them to pass the course and gain the qualification – all at the same time. Your workforce will be ready to deploy back into their day-to-day roles fully trained and qualified in the course content. Furthermore, we often find group-based classroom training is easier for our customers to manage when ensuring their staff have the right qualifications.

Our experts will also motivate your staff and address any individual training needs face-to-face, ensuring learners leave the course with all the knowledge they require. It is also a good bonding exercise for your team, working together and building personal relationships.

Benefits of face-to-face training for employees

Our interactive, practical sessions and exercises are designed to engage learners in an enjoyable educational experience. Our classroom-based sessions enable students to develop direct rapport with our trainers, enabling them to feel confident asking for help where necessary. We can also tailor our delivery for different learning styles, ensuring there is less chance of any misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Finally, our group sessions also help learners develop better networking and relationship-building skills.

Training courses:

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Additional food safety courses including HACCP and a full range of Health and Safety Courses are also available.

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