We are not blowing our own trumpets but we know we are good at food safety and allergen training because our customers tell us so!

Food Safety Logic has lots of food safety training courses and qualifications  to suit all job roles within your food business, and sometimes work with associate trainers with specialist knowledge to deliver these.

Need a Training Needs Assessment? No problem let me help you to plug any gaps in your staff’s training keeping everything up to date.

Most training courses can now be delivered virtually giving you more flexibility. Learners can qualify at home by completing an e-assessment in order to gain an accredited qualification if required.

Why is food safety training important?

All food handlers must be supervised or undertake food safety training so they can do their jobs properly and handle and produce safe food. This can be on the job training or attending a food safety training course.

But it’s not just about ensuring safe food is served in a clean, hygienic environment. Food allergen training should also be top of your “to-do” list – for both your staff and yourself.

In the UK, over two million people live with a diagnosed food allergy. This number is rising and awareness amongst the general public has increased following a number  of tragic deaths reported in the media.

All staff must have allergen awareness training and know how to handle food allergens and how to keep customers with allergies such as gluten allergies and milk allergies safe. Supervisors and managers should be competent in allergen management and be able to put the necessary controls in place. 

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Benefits of face-to-face training for employers
  • Learners complete course/qualification at the same time.
  • Less flexible but easier to manage
  • Easier to motivate learners
  • Easier to address individuals training needs
  • Helps learners to build personal relationships
Benefits of face-to-face training for employees
  • More interactive with individual and group exercises and practical sessions
  • Less screen time than online learning
  • Easier to build up a rapport with the trainer
  • Better for different learning styles
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Less chance of misinterpretation or misunderstanding

Limited places available on this one day course on Wednesday 13th April 2022 from 10am to 4pm.


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