The Digital Kitchen Diary

The new digital food safety kitchen diary has been developed with insight from EHOs and manager’s of busy commercial kitchens.

It provides instant access to all of your daily checks including: 

  • fridge and freezer temperatures 
  • Cleaning checks
  • hot food checks


This tool provides reassurance and helps you to stay on top of minimising risks within your business. So being one less thing to worry about when the EHO or food safety auditor turns up on your door step.

Multiple logins and administrator access will help you to check what is going on even when you are not onsite which is great for mulit-site businesses 

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If something goes wrong, staff can record it in the comments section including  what actions were taken to resolve the situation. This will help demonstrate that every action was taken to ensure food has been made safe to eat. 

By doing this you can identify trends and poor practice quickly and put measures in place to stop them happening again. Also you can produce reports to help you better manage food safety. 

The web app will allow you to have all your due diligence information at your fingertips, and as they can be produced as evidence in court, they could literally save your bacon.  


Schedule a meeting via my Calendly diary to set up your free 30 day trial.

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Flexible pricing plans

Basic Plan

1 Diary

£10 per month 

*pay yearly and save 10% 

*multiple users

*support by a real human

*checks to fit your business 

*free set up costs and pay by Direct Debit

Pro Plan

Up to 5 Diaries

£25 per month

Same benefits as Basic Plan +

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Helen explains why food safety monitoring is so important to get right in your food business