The best way to train your staff during lockdown

You need to follow the rules and stay legal when it comes to staff training. Food business owners must make sure their staff are ‘suitably trained or supervised’ to keep customers safe.

If you are considering training new or existing  staff during the COVID restrictions. Either to fill gaps in their knowledge or to make sure they have the skills to do their jobs then virtual training could help your business.

Types of training

Previously I have written blogs on Face to Face v Online TrainingOnline food safety training and learning styles.  As the COVID 19 epidemic continues it is unlikely  that face to face training will take place any time soon. This is due to the increased risk of transmitting the virus. Online training is an option but one of the things that puts many people off is that learners can’t ask questions. This can often result in a lack of understanding which can lead to a poor learning experience.

Virtual Training

The solution to this problem is training courses delivered virtually. This enables learners to speak with the trainer via the training platform used, being  Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. They can also ask questions in the chat function. The only requirements are that each learner has their own device to take part in the training so they can do this.

To make the training courses as interactive as possible trainers share the same information that they would be used in a classroom situation. Learners take part in quizes and exercises uploaded and shared in files by the trainer. Break out rooms enable learners to talk to each other and videos really bring the training to life.

Virtual training is often done along side online learning to provide a blended solution, to consolidate learning or to complete pre or post course work.

Invigilated Examination

Highfield Qualifications have taken virtual training to another level and now offer an invigilated examination. This takes place separately to the e-learning or virtual learning element of the course.

Highfield qualifications staff invigilate the end of course assessment  under exam conditions independently from the trainer. This allows learners to achieve an accredited examination certificate from home. A win! win! in my book.

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Contact me if you would like more information on Virtual Highfield Accredited Training Courses in Food Safety and Allergens.


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