The best way to get your Covid Risk Assessments right.

Are you keeping your Risk Assessments up to date?

If not, you might not be complying with current guidance and legislation on keeping your workplace Covid safe for customers, staff and visitors.

I have spoken to many food businesses who know exactly what they need to do or have the controls in place but haven’t bothered to write anything down or don’t know how to start.

Risk Assessments (and Health and Safety Policy) explained

Remember if you have more than 5 employees, to comply with the Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974,  you must write your risk assessments down. You must also have a Health and Safety Policy in place.

The Health and Safety Executive explains how to write your policy and your Risk Assessments. They also have some useful example risk assessment templates including one for Food Preparation and Service.

Legally if you have less than 5 employees you don’t need to do this. However I strongly recommend that you do so you can evidence that your business is Covid secure.

Food Safety Logic Risk Assessment Template

I have put together a useful template to help you get started writing your risk assessments.

It guides you through the policies and controls, and gives you some examples that you could use, including:

  • a simple Covid policy for staff on when not to come to work and who to contact
  • pre-requisites such as cleaning and wearing face coverings.
  • the  journey of your customers – from when they enter to leaving the premises including ordering and paying for their meals
  • the journey of your staff – from when they enter to leaving the premises including staff breaks
  • the journey of any visitors –  including delivery drivers and how they must deliver food safely etc.

You can get a hold of this template now by signing up Here (this template is for Lockdown 2 but can be adapted as required from 2nd December 2020 when restrictions are planned to be lifted).

Covid Risk Assessment Audit

Currently I am doing all my audits virtually to comply with national lockdown guidelines. I make a convenient appointment with you. Audits can be carried out using Whatsapp video or Zoom and takes around 90 minutes to complete depending on the size and complexity of your business.

The aim of the audit is to find out what controls you currently have in place. I follow the risk assessment template to make sure that nothing is forgotten or missed. From this starting point I can help you update your existing risk assessment or start from scratch using my template.

It is important that your risk assessment includes what you are doing not what you aren’t. If there is anything missing or you are doing something that does not comply with the current regulations I will let you know. Ultimately it is your (the employer) responsibility to make sure your workplace is Covid secure and I can help make sure you follow the rules and stay legal.

Bonus Offer

Currently Covid Audits cost £300. If you quote the Code ‘LOCKDOWN’ before 30th November 2020 the audit and risk assessment will be £200.

Please CONTACT ME  if you need help with your Covid risk assessments or want to book a virtual audit and take advantage of this great offer


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