The 12 step roadmap for starting a new food manufacturing business

food safety road map

A new beginning

Turning a great new idea for your new food business into reality is an exciting but often scary place to be. You are passionate about your product and hope it is going to sell like ‘hot cakes’ but there are a lot of things to consider and get right before it lands on the shelves.  Use my 12 step roadmap to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

How to start a new food manufacturing business:

  1. Make sure your premises is fit to produce food – structure, equipment, facilities etc. 
  2. Perfect the production of your product so it’s the same every time
  3. Write down a production flow – delivery, storage, preparation etc. 
  4. At each step in the flow check if something goes wrong could it be critical for food safety e.g. temperature control?
  5. Put together a HACCP plan and monitoring documents How to get your head around Food Safety Management Systems
  6. Check your HACCP plan reflects the production of your product 
  7. Get some expert help on microbiological testing if required – always use an accredited UKAS lab and test your product during production and for shelf life 
  8. Take corrective action depending on your microbiological results – change your production etc.
  9. Register your food business 28 days before you want to start trading food business registration
  10. Check if you need to apply for approval from your local authority/FSA if you handle products of animal origin (POAO)
  11. Put together a traceability plan and get some expert help on labelling your product 
  12. Review your systems and procedures regularly

Food manufacturing Case study - pasteurising milk for an on farm vending machine

Learn how I supported a small food business to diversify from milk production to pasteurising their own milk to sell from an on farm vending machine.

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