Starting a food safety podcast

Why I started podcasting?

food safety uncovered podcast

If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I could be a podcaster I would not have believed them. Mainly because I am a technophobe [dictionary definition is a person who fears, dislikes or avoids new technology – I think I am the dislikes rather than fears type but a technophobe all the same!] 

Since starting my business I have had to get my head around all sorts of new apps and software but using tutorials and by trial and error I have managed to achieve great things. This includes doing my own email marketing, updating my website and producing moving images and downloadable documents. Podcasting is my new challenge! 

The main reason I started podcasting is my marketing guru Catherine Goodwin, who I rely upon to help me put my marketing promotion material and plans together for my business, asked ‘Have you thought about doing a podcast?’ and the seed was sown. 

I have been writing blogs most weeks from starting my business 3 years ago.  Although I love sharing my knowledge and top tips in blogs I was looking for a different media to do this as it is very time consuming so thought podcasts would be a good alternative.  

The Food Safety Uncovered Podcast

There are lots of great guides and buckets of information on the internet about starting a podcast but I wanted to share my journey with you. I know this works and it’s simple to follow.  

First of all think about:

  • The concept [why do it?]- to generate leads for my business and be recognized as an expert in food safety
  • The topic:  Food safety advice for small businesses
  • The name: Food Safety Uncovered  – ‘made simple’ – it’s my strapline, dispel myths, discover something hidden 
  • How long: 10 minutes
  • The Artwork: designed on free Canva Account 
  • Podcast equipment: microphone [I bought the Samson 2QU microphone recommended by Buzzsprout], headphones [I don’t use them], Software [see below]

The Technical bit

My fellow Bizsmart colleague Janina Neumann helped me with this part so a big thank you to her. Check out the podcast she hosts the bicultural podcast.

  • Recording [a monologue]: free Zoom account. Tip: record with the video off and upload the file to your computer
  • Recording [an interview with 2+ people]: Zencastr
  • Editing: free Podcastle account to edit audio and add intro/ending and music 
  • Uploading: free Buzzsprout account [upto 2 hours can be uploaded then upgrade to paid for account] Buzzsprout links with Canva to upload artwork and you can do descriptions, transcripts, analytics etc.
  • Scheduling: free Buzzsprout account
  • Hosting: on Apple or Spotify via Buzzsprout 
  • Embed to your website, social media platforms using the links provided on Buzzsprout 

The future

I started off doing a monologue which is a Series of 9 short episodes on how to start a food manufacturing business which is going well.

My future plan is to do a second series [ Janina tip – create series so you can take a break in between for holidays etc.] on allergens and include interviews with people with allergies, affiliate companies etc.

As you can see it’s a work in progress. If you need food safety support in your business or need help starting your podcast then  contact me via my Calendly link, email or by phone for a chat.


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