Make food safety at your event a ‘piece of cake’!

As the so called  ‘Freedom Day’ being the 19th July 2021 approaches, events are popping up all over the country, including post-poned festivals and music events.

Often these events are organised at short notice as restrictions are lifted and it’s a mad scramble to get every thing in place.

If you are an event organiser or planner you will have a list as long as your arm (and longer) to do. This should  include making sure that any food businesses serving food at your event are safe and legal.

At most events you can get everything from jerk chicken to Pad Thai, and vegan wraps to churros. Eating new and different or exciting food flavours is usually a major part of people’s day out and the festival/event experience. But staff and customers don’t want to go home with food poisoning or worse!!

So how can you  make managing food businesses at your event,  a ‘piece of cake’?

What should you look for in a food business who wants to serve food at your event?

Food businesses should have the following to demonstrate they are a reputable food business:

  • be registered with the local authority where there business/mobile is based.
  • A food hygiene rating of 5 or ‘Very Good’ which demonstrates they are managing food safety in their business. (Note some new business during COVID will not have been inspected but will have a ‘WAITING FOR INSPECITION’ rating). By asking all these questions it can reassure you that they are compliant, or request a  3rd party audit from Food Safety Logic.
  • Handwashing facilities- preferably a permanent or pop up sink with hot water, soap and towels.
  • A food safety management system based on HACCP principles such as Safer Foods Better Business, NCASS, Safe Catering or a bespoke system
  • Allergen management controls in place
  • Be monitoring food temperatures, particularly high risk, with a calibrated probe
  • Have evidence of food hygiene training qualifications

How can Food Safety Logic help you get organised?

Prior to the event:

  • do background checks on food businesses to make sure they are registered [which is a legal requirement]
  • request copies of the relevant food safety paperwork and have them available remotely on the day
  • advise on all aspects of food safety

On the day:

  • Carry out ‘on the spot’ audit checks during set up and operation to make sure everyone is operating in a safe and legal way
  • Be available to offer advice if necessary
  • Check food is being stored at the right temperature and to avoid cross contamination
  • Check allergen information is available and they are complying with the  new allergen rules
  • Liaise with local Environmental Health Officers if necessary on the day

Food Safety Logic has experience of working at festivals and events including Turning Tides in Greenwich and The Wilderness Festival in the Cotswold’s.

Get in touch CONTACT ME for a no obligation chat to help your event business stay safe and legal.




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