Latest update for indoor hospitality from 17th May 2021

The partial re-opening of hospitality has been particularly welcome for customers who love eating out (even if it has been a bit chilly!!). From 12th April only those businesses with outdoor eating areas have been allowed to re-open. This has  meant that many food businesses have had to remain closed.

However the next Step in the Government’s road map, no doubt eagerly awaited by customers and businesses alike is that indoor hospitality will be opening from 17th May 2021. This is a major milestone in getting the hospitality sector back up and running.

What’s new for hospitality businesses?

The latest guidance updated on 7th May is available here  and details the changes that will come into force from 17th May 2021, being:

  • if you serve alcohol customers must be seated to order, eat/drink and pay
  • if you don’t serve alcohol customers can order and collect food at a counter but must be seated to eat/drink.
  • customers can be seated indoors with up to 6 people or 2 households of any size

Please note that the full guidance will be available nearer to the 17th May 2021. So check out my COVID 19 page nearer to this date.

Make sure your business is Covid secure

As previously the following rules must be followed:

  • customers must still socially distance from other tables or diners not in their group
  • manage the capacity of your venue so enable social distancing
  • only play back ground music  to discourage shouting or singing
  • Avoid self-service of food such as carveries or buffets
  • use single use condiments to avoid customers sharing
  • increase natural ventilation by keeping windows and doors open wherever possible
  • display a QR code and record customer information for Track and trace
  • increase frequency of cleaning
  • promote frequent and thorough handwashing
  • Display a COVID secure poster to reassure customers

Update your Covid Risk Assessment

Remember to update your risk assessment with any changes you make in line with the guidance. This is to keep your staff, customers and visitors safe. I will be updating my risk assessment template for indoor hospitality that will available as a downloadable document. So make sure you sign up on my Home Page to make sure that you don’t miss out.

If you need help or advice updating or putting your COVID risk assessment together CONTACT ME for an chat.


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