Latest update for hospitality businesses opening in Step 2 from 12th April 2021

Are you a hospitality businesses  that has been closed or been offering takeaway or deliveries?

Are you gearing up to open in Step 2 in the Government’s road map?

The date is fast approaching and from 12th April you will be able to serve seated customers outside but your business must be Covid secure.

What’s New?

All the guidance has been updated and the most recent version for restaurants, pubs and takeaways can be found here.

The changes that will affect your business are:

NHS Test and Trace

From 12th April 2021 if you have seated customers you must make sure you display your QR Code, see my Covid 19 page on how to do this. Also you need to make sure that all customers over 16 scan the QR code on their smart phone. If they don’t have a smart phone you should take their details which must be kept secure and then destroyed after 21 days. (Please note: if you have a booking system you may be gathering the necessary information so will not need to take customer’s details.)

Testing staff

The government are now actively encouraging workplaces to test their own staff  through lateral flow testing. This is to help identify people without symptoms who might be passing on the virus.

This is voluntary and can be done by the employer, 3rd party testing or community testing. For more information on work place testing click here. Update your risk assessment if you are doing work place testing.


Customers will be seated outside in the fresh air to which helps reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. But make sure that there is plenty of natural or mechanical ventilation inside as well.

Outdoor seating area

Seat customers and take their order, serve food and drink and take payment if you serve alcohol to be consumed on the premises. Customers must also be seated if you don’t serve alcohol but they want to eat or drink on the premises.  Covered outdoor seating areas will no doubt help with the unpredictable weather at this time of year.

Any outdoor shelter or marquee must have at least 50% of the sides open but can have a roof. This might help your business as unfortunately customers will not be allowed to shelter inside the premises if there is a downpour!!

Groups of people who can meet together

You should advise your customers on booking that the rule of 6 is in place or 2 households can sit together until further restrictions are lifted. Remember a social bubble is classed as one household.

Risk Assessment Update

Update your existing or previous risk assessment before you reopen. Include any new controls you have put in place following the updated guidance. Also if you have changed what you are doing in your business. Remember all the existing Covid controls should still be in place including social distancing, wearing face coverings, contactless payments etc.

If you need help with updating your risk assessments you can download the updated version of my risk assessment for Step 2. There are lots of example controls you can use, just delete the ones that don’t apply and add new ones where necessary.

SIGN UP NOW on my home page to download the risk assessment template or CONTACT ME for more information or advice.

Check back again soon. I will be updating the risk assessment template again for businesses opening from 17th May in Step 3.  Watch this space.



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