How virtual chats or visits can help your food business

Introduction to the virtual world of work

Since March 2020 and the emergence of Covid 19, there has been a unprecedented move to virtual chats and video conferencing whether it be via Facetime, WhatsApp Video, Zoom or Google hangouts.  Whatever you like it or not virtual meetings are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

If you would like a bit of light reading, I wrote a post on Linkedin in May this year debating:

‘working from home  Is it bad to stay in my pyjamas all day?’ 

I concluded that no it wasn’t, but a half way house of wearing a decent top with your pyjama trousers could be the way forward!! .

…………..and I promise not to ask you your stance on this if we have a virtual meeting!!

Where will my virtual session be held?

I host virtual chats or visits  on Whatsapp Messenger and on Zoom video conferencing.


For Zoom I  send a link to you to  join the session at least 24 hours in advance. You will need to download the Zoom Cloud meetings software onto whichever device you are using and join the call at the time of your session using the link sent to you or just input the nine digit code. Check that your microphone and audio is on and you are all set.

I advise that if you haven’t used Zoom before then have a trial run before hand to make sure that all the tech is working.

If you are a Zoom newbie, click on this link for a live demo which will show you how to join and configure the audio and video


For WhatsApp it’s even more simple. To activate you just need the WhatsApp application and a mobile phone number. Then simply answer the WhatsApp video call when I get in touch with you at a pre arranged date and time.

What sort of problems or issues could you help me with?

Anything and everything to do with food safety whether it is a specific problem such as:

  • Advice on setting up a new business
  • Help with allergen management
  • Help with high risk activities such as vac packing, sous vide etc.
  • Advice on writing Covid 19 Risk Assessments

Or a virtual visit, this could be a scoping visit or a follow up session as part of consultancy work linked to a new food safety management system. Or a virtual food safety health check or audit.


What do I need to have with me at the session?

Bring any documents or reference notes, photos, examples etc. to help you explain or demonstrate what the problem is, the more information the better so I can help solve whatever problem you have. I may ask you to email this information to me prior to the meeting.

If it is a virtual visit or audit then you will need to be at your premises so you can show me the structure and layout. I will ask you to email me your existing food safety management system and monitoring documents prior to the meeting.

How much does a virtual call or visit cost?

I offer an initial 15 minute free call to everyone who contacts Food Safety Logic so I can get to know you and work out how I can help you.

My rate is from £300 for a virtual audit and £200 for a food safety health check.

The Q&A Support package, where I become part of your team and share my specialist food safety knowledge with you, can also be offered on a virtual basis at £50 per hour/month.

Book all virtual stuff with me via the website



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