How I can help small food businesses stay legal.

Following the rules and staying legal is something all food business must do. But this can mean different things to different food business owners. It is up to each individual business owner to follow my advice and put in place the recommendations I make. For every business I work with, although I use standard templates that I have designed, the services and the total package delivered is bespoke to them.

Implementation Package

This package is made up of:

  • an initial call to find out about the business in terms of how it is made up. This includes the number of kitchens/units, type of food and service offered and what food safety management system is in place.
  • a food safety health check – in non-Covid times I visit the site/s but at the moment I do this virtually. The aim of this audit is to find out what actually happens in the business. This is only a snapshot of the day the audit is carried out, but it gives me a pretty good idea of how the business operates. I also give a predicted Food Hygiene Rating Score from my visit that day.

Compliance Package

The food safety management system I recommend is based on the business needs and health check visit:

  • For small cafes, delis or restaurants I generally recommend Safer Foods Better Business. This is a complete generic system that is filled in by the business. I offer coaching to the business to complete the pack if needed which can be paper based or online (SFBB+)
  • Alternatively I review any existing management system in place and make improvements so it fits the business, or
  • Write a new management system for the business, which are usually larger and more complex. This follows a template but is made to fit the processes or methods used by the specific business.
  • For all management systems I also produce or recommend a monitoring system. This can be in the form of my bespoke ‘Kitchen Daily Diary’,  or industry produced paper based or online systems.

Auditing Package

I am an ‘extra pair of eyes’ for your business and will carry out onsite/virtual audits at a frequency to suit any business, although this is usually 3 or 6 monthly. Audits are tailor made to each food business and based on the initial food safety health check. They are really useful for highlighting problems or issues within a business and I give a predicted FHRS score each time.

Training package

From the training needs identified in the food safety health check I recommend accredited face to face courses that I deliver or online courses via my training partner..

Case Study

I started working with a small deli-style sandwich business just before Lockdown 2 started. They usually offer made to order deli style sandwiches but also do business lunches and deliver bread and cakes as well.

The business had not been inspected  and they wanted to check they were doing everything properly before their first FHRS inspection. They also wanted help with their Covid Risk Assessment.

In the initial phone call I spent time with the business owner finding out what help he needed for his business. I then requested examples of documents from his existing SFBB system.

I then completed a virtual Food Safety Health Check Audit and advised him of his predicted FHRS Score. The health check showed me that the current SFBB pack needed updating. And that there were gaps in the allergen information particularly for online orders and deliveries. Also there were insufficient due diligence monitoring and checks. I recommended improvements that they could make to help them achieve a very good rating in their next inspection.

The virtual Covid Audit showed what the business owners were doing to control the risk of Covid transmission. Also what they needed to do to get their business Covid secure. I put together a risk assessment for them including additional controls required inline with best practice and legislation . I then provided them with a template so they can update their risk assessment and review it as legislation and guidance changes.

The business now has the systems in place and the advice to follow to make sure they are legal. Mission accomplished!

Need help?

If you would like to have an informal chat on how I can help your business then please call me on 07930423804 or Contact me via my website.




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