How doing weekly manager spot checks can help your food business?

What is a Food Safety Audit

Food safety audits/checks can help reduce risk  and improve staff behaviours by collecting information on how a business is handling, storing, preparing, cooking and serving food and give advice and recommendations on how to improve.  For example  date labelling issues could result in the storage of out of date food and preparing food which is not safe and could make customers ill and result in enforcement action being taken. Corrective action and recommendations for improvement could be to put in place opening and closing checks and re training staff on the company food labelling procedure.

Who can carry out Food Safety Audits

Audits can be carried out either by internal or external auditors  to identify issues of non compliance but also trends within the business so action can be taken to make improvements.

It is important that audits are carried out regularly, by either an internal or external auditor experience in food safety and can be a general audit that checks all food safety standards or on particular risk areas like allergens.

Weekly Manager spot checks

A weekly manager spot check can ensure that standards of compliance are checked regularly. They can provide invaluable information to the management team and/or business owner on how compliant the business is. Also whether staff are carrying out unsafe behaviours or cutting corners which could make customers ill. In summary they:

  • provide a snap shot of standards on a regular basis including cleaning, equipment and structure,  handling of food and cross contamination issues
  • identify gaps in systems and processes eg. date labelling, preparation of allergen free meals, storage of food, food safety management system and monitoring documents
  •  promote staff responsibility and ownership e.g. signing off cleaning schedules, uniform
  • help to promote a positive food safety culture by reinforcing standards ‘this is what we do around here’
  • help with communication
  • to check staff knowledge and identify staff training  needs e.g. on allergens
  • demonstrates management of food safety in the business
  • can focus on current issues e.g. allergens, labelling of PPDS food
  • reassurance that there will be no nasty surprises when you have your next food hygiene inspection

Download the free FSL weekly manager spot check form to start auditing your business now

Managers weekly spot checks

Food Safety Logic can also carry out a health check or quarterly audits for your business to provide a fresh pair of eyes to check the food safety  standards in your business. This can help highlight non compliance issues and highlight areas of concern to make sure they do not escalate into bigger problems  which may affect your FHRS score or your ability to protect customers and provide safe food.


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