Have you thought about online food safety training?

Time to do some food hygiene training

Have you been furloughed or are you looking for a new job? This could be the case if you or your employer are in the hospitality business and can’t or don’t want to do take away or deliveries. This is the time to get ready for when the hospitality sector reopens. Food businesses don’t usually have the luxury, being in fast paced customer facing businesses, to be able to take time out to improve or update our skill set.

Take this opportunity to help you get to the next level in your organisation or career, secure you a promotion or even a new job.

OR in my swimming scenario – a place on the podium! Read on……..

Competitive swimming training

When I was a child I used to constantly smell of chlorine!.

This is because I used to train in a swimming squad 6 times a week which included getting up very early in the morning and racking up the miles in my local pool.  Please don’t be deceived though, I am no ‘Adam Peaty’ but I could hold my own in a club race and had a shelf full of medals and trophies in my bedroom to prove it.

The training was brutal and relentless: resistance training, long distance stamina and sprint sets for 2 hours at a time. As well as improving swimming strokes, arms and legs technique, diving and turns.

Why do training?

Now I am not suggesting that you set your sights on training to be in the Olympic squad any time soon (particularly as swimming pools are closed at the moment under the Covid 19 restrictions) but this could be the perfect opportunity to update and refresh your ability and skills whether it be in sport like swimming, a hobby or for work by doing some online or virtual training

Virtual and online training

Both are now very accessible and widely used. More people than ever are working from home and using this technology. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other online platforms has enabled training companies to deliver more interactive sessions. Web based training often utilises video and other media to make it more engaging for users. Read more in my blog on online and face to face training https://www.foodsafetylogic.co.uk/face-to-face-versus-online-learning-what-is-right-for-your-food-business/#more-460

Training should be ongoing…

There is always something new to learn or improve on. It can help you to become more knowledgeable on a subject for better understanding and to hopefully make your goal,whatever it is, more achievable. This could be your breaststroke technique or new skills to do your job if you work in a bar, restaurant or café, such as a supervisory level food safety course or how to manage allergens in your business.

For more information visit my training page https://www.foodsafetylogic.co.uk/training/


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