Future proof your business with a Digital Diary for food safety

Hospitality and the digital age

There are lots of digital tools to help make hospitality businesses more efficient including Point of Sale systems, digital menus, kitchen menus, stock and cash management systems and digital monitoring solutions. 

The COVID pandemic has played an important role in fast forwarding the use of digital technology. Because it has enabled businesses to continue trading as they became cashless and  contactless inline with the controls required to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Now it is common place to go to your favourite restaurant and use a QR code at your table to down load the menu, order and pay. Depending on the phone you are using and the wifi connection it can be a godsend or a total hindrance but as technology develops no doubt it will become more efficient for the end user and businesses alike. 

There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

This is definitely food for thought as it implies that those businesses that don’t embrace digital transformation get left behind and struggle, while those that do will become more efficient and adaptable. 

Where do you want your business to be? 

5 reasons to use a digital diary for your food safety checks

  1. Accessibility – monitoring checks can be accessed from any tablet, phone or computer for ease of use
  2. Security –  data is kept securely on a cloud reducing the risk of losing important information that forms part of your due diligence 
  3. Flexibility –  multi site businesses can access data from different sites in real time enabling managers to identify and act upon issues that are affecting your business
  4. Adaptability – monitoring checks including temperature, cleaning and daily opening and closing checks can be made bespoke for your business. Update and amend them as the business develops and changes 
  5. Cost –  cost of printing and paper is usually less than the  ongoing cost of using the app 

Don’t get left behind and start to  digitally transform your business with the Food Safety Logic Digital Diary [available as a web app].

To find out more and to access your free no obligation 5 day free trial hit the button below 


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