Food Safety Management

What is it and why do I need one

Food Safety Management

High-quality food safety management procedures play a key role in ensuring your business complies with food hygiene and safety standards, as well as legal regulations such as the Food Safety Act 1990. Here at Food Safety Logic, we have a wealth of expertise working with food businesses across the United Kingdom in the implementation of effective food safety management systems, enabling their business to follow the rules and stay legal.

What is a Food Safety Management System and why do I need one?

Under UK law, all food businesses are required to have a written record that clearly demonstrates how they manage food hygiene and safety. Also if you don’t have a documented Food Safety Mangement System you could get a poor Food Hygiene Rating Score.

Often referred to as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), it is designed to take a close look at what you do within your business, enabling you to identify what would go wrong and where there could be risks to food safety. Furthermore, it enables you to find any critical areas of food safety that your company needs to focus on, in order to produce safe food.

We will help you decide what you must do if problems happen, , and help you review the system regularly to check it is working.

Our experts at Food Safety Logic are on-hand to ensure your food safety management system is fit for purpose, providing you full confidence that your business is legal.

What Food Safety Management System is suitable for your business?

There are two options that our experts at Food Safety Logic can recommend in order to ensure you have a system in place that delivers to food hygiene and safety standards.

‘Safer Foods Better Business’

Good personal hygiene is a requisite basic requirement for any food business, whether it is you or your staff. The ‘Safer Foods Better Business’ (SFBB) pack provides safe methods and a diary that you can use to record what you’re doing. It shows you how to comply with food hygiene regulations, advises what you can do to make food safely and how to improve your business’ food hygiene rating score, amongst other information. If you’re a small food business such as a deli or cafe, it is a suitable option for your company to use.

This is available for free download from the Food Standards Agency website or the SFBB+ app, which includes a paid subscription.

FSL Food Safety Management System

Whether you run a larger catering business with complex operations or a food manufacturing company, a bespoke HACCP system will be critical to help you manage food safety risks. Our qualified food safety and hygiene experts are well-equipped to create a food safety management or HACCP system that is exclusively tailored for your business. As a result, you’ll be able to check and control food safety risks every day, enabling you to provide your customers with a high-quality product and service.

We recognise the importance of creating a bespoke system that meets the unique needs of your company. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your business, visiting for at least half a day to get a comprehensive understanding of how you operate and where we can add value. During this visit, one of our experts will:

  • Meet you either in person – or virtually – at your business premises.
  • Review what you are doing and your current paperwork
  • Talk to your staff about what is happening on the ‘kitchen floor’.
  • Pinpoint what is critical and what could make your customers ill.
  • Put together a photographic record that highlights good or poor practice.

Our experts will use this information to put together a new system that includes a paper copy of the daily kitchen diary and other records. Alternatively you can sign up to The Kitchen Daily Diary web app for a small monthly fee.

Following completion, we’ll arrange another visit to help you start using the system effectively, ensuring it works correctly for you. At this point, we can also make any final amendments if required.

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