Food Safety Audits

Why have a third-party auditor?

It is easy to become ‘blinkered’ when you are passionate about and ‘live and breathe’ your food business 24 hours a day. A fresh pair of eyes can help you really see where there are problems and where things are going wrong.

Audits can help prevent issues escalating which could affect your Food Hygiene Rating and may mean your customers get sick or worse.

Food Safety Audits:

The Food Safety Logic Health Check

This initial short food hygiene audit will give you a snapshot of the current standards in your business . It will highlight current issues and problems at the time of the audit which may be causing you frustration and worry. I will give you practical solutions and recommendations to help you address these problems and move forward.

You will be given a comparable Food Hygiene Rating Score (unless exempt) to help you understand what you can reasonably  expect in your next official food hygiene inspection from your local food inspector. A very good or 5 star rating lets your customers know that you are doing things right and give them assurance that they can eat safely with you.

This is also a great opportunity to draw attention to good practice and what you are doing right. It can also show you alternative ways of working which could benefit your business and save you money.

If you have recently been given a poor hygiene rating then the Food Safety Logic Health Check will help to get you back on track!

Free Manager’s Weekly Spot Checks Form

A weekly manager spot check will help you check that things are being done as they should . Download now and start auditing your business today.