Helen Groves, Food Safety Consultant

I am  the owner and founder of Food Safety Logic. I set up my  consultancy and training business in 2018, and am based in the beautiful rural market town of Pershore in Worcestershire.

I started Food Safety Logic to help single and multi-site food businesses to follow the rules and regulations, so they don’t get into legal trouble. My aim is to give food businesses that peace of mind by supporting them in professional but friendly way to help them ‘make sense of food safety’.

My love of food safety started at catering college studying practical catering skills and hotel management.

Having gone back to university and completed a Masters degree; I am now a qualified Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner. I have 20 years’ experience helping food businesses both as a regulator and a consultant.

During this time I have had the pleasure of  supporting caterers including St. John’s and Sommerville Colleges in Oxford; and manufacturing businesses producing products as varied as kimchi, ice-cream and pasteurised milk from a vending machine!

My extensive experience as a food safety auditor, working for the ASK and Zizzis brand has now progressed into a thriving food safety consultancy business supporting businesses in catering, retail and manufacturing.

I love sharing my expertise and have helped many product and service based businesses to get their food safety right.

I will support you as a food safety consultant through my training, advice and food safety management services. My aim is to give you the reassurance that you are following all the rules and that your business is legal. This in turn will help you create a positive food safety culture and make your business more efficient.

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My promise

Is that I will keep you up to date with any new laws, guidance and best practice including what’s hitting the food industry now.

In my regular Blog I will share with you my top food safety tips and tricks to help keep your business legal and keep you ahead of the game.

Also listen to my new podcast  ‘Food Safety Uncovered’ starting with ‘how to set up a food manufacturing business safely’. All episodes available on the Podcast Page, Spotify and Apple podcasts.