Don’t worry about going digital with your monitoring checks

As I mentioned in my blogs Don’t let paperwork drive you crazy. Join the digital revolution now and Be one of the first to try out the new FSL daily diary web app – the digital revolution is here you just need to hop on board and take advantage of portable data at your finger tips.

The web app is a simple tool for recording all the monitoring checks in your food business. Use the web app alongside any existing inhouse food safety management system including the Food Standard’s Agency SFBB for Caterers.

Why record monitoring checks?

Monitoring checks provide essential evidence to show that you are managing food safety in your business every day and keeping your customers safe. They can form your due diligence defence if something should go wrong. Also they help Environmental Health Officers, auditors and managers to see at a glance what was happening on any given day.

Why go digital with paperwork?

As an environmental health practitioner I regularly inspect food businesses. I can honestly say I am happy that the days of food stained scraps of paper with temperature monitoring and cleaning checks on them are a thing of the past. Digital checks are easily accessible, legible and the data can be exported.  It is definitely becoming the norm rather than the exception that checks are being recorded digitally.

The web app design

The daily diary web app is designed to be easy to complete by your users. Change the fields to fit your company standards by adding your target temperatures. Add specific cleaning checks and the day you carry out probe checks. If you have multiple sites  view the daily diary checks remotely making food safety management easier. Add multiple users at large sites.

Trialing the app

The web app is currently being trialed at  two of the units at St. John’s College in Oxford. Any feedback will be used to improve and change or update the functionality of the app prior to it’s launch on 1st September 2021. Watch this space.

Contact me

Contact me for a no obligation chat for more details about the FSL Daily Diary web app or any other food safety management issues.


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