Don’t let paperwork drive you crazy. Join the digital revolution now.

It seems everything is now available online or on an app including food safety paperwork. Last week at the Highfield online conference, Andy Kerridge from Wyvern Food Solutions Ltd. discussed the ‘Future of Remote auditing and other Emerging Technologies’ . He discussed what food safety auditing and management systems might look like in the near and distant future. He highlighted how automation and robotics is being used to problem solve in manufacturing settings to do repetitive tasks. And how robots could interact with humans – very thought provoking stuff.

Also don’t forget Artificial Intelligence. He talked about a system that uses horizon scanning to analyse data so food businesses can  identify poor performing suppliers. They can see those who have had food safety issues. This could be allergen alerts, certification breaches and food safety alerts allowing them to make informed decisions about their supply chain.

Why don’t food businesses want to go digital?

Although most of the above was a bit too much for a techno phobe like me! I was particularly interested in the digitalization of food safety paperwork and why food businesses are hesitant to ‘go digital’ . The reasons cited as being:

  • a lack of choice,
  • fear of starting,
  • problems with integration,
  • return of investment

What are the advantages of going digital?

There are many wins with digitalisation as the data is portable and can be shared and accessed by different managers and multiple sites. Food safety issues and trends can be easily identified as the system is transparent and acted upon in a timely manner. Access to food temperatures and data from food production equipment can be done remotely which is particularly useful for 24/7  locations. Finally digital systems  will save on costly and unnecessary site visits and printing.


What are the disadvantages of going digital?

Staff will need to be trained to use new digital systems and there may be issues with data security. Also there could be problems with connectivity which could cause hiccups if the required data can not be recorded and stored.

How FSL is using digital technology?


Food safety health checks and audits are completed using ‘iauditor’ which is  an inspection, issue capture and corrective action platform  app. We put bespoke audits together from a generic template to include specific checks for an individual business. This can help to highlight and focus on problems or issues such as allergen management, training, monitoring checks etc. which can add incredible value to the business.

Food Safety Management System

A new web based app is now available for daily and weekly monitoring checks as a digital daily kitchen diary which sits alongside the FSMS online. Monitoring fields including delivery, storage and hot food checks etc. are bespoke to fit a particular food  businesses needs. Also access to the system is possible on more than one device including phones, tablets and laptops by multiple users.  Finally management reports can  help you identify problems and food safety trends so your business runs more smoothly.

Don’t get left behind!

The digital age is here to stay and online systems can help stream line your business and due diligence checks. Say goodbye to reams of paperwork gathering dust on shelves. Also scrappy pieces of paperwork covered in food or worse ‘lost’ somewhere in the kitchen or office. This information is often crucial evidence if there is an investigation or enquiry into your food business.  Record all your checks in one place in a digital system so it is available at your fingertips during your local EHO inspection or by an auditor or manager.

Please note the digital FSMS system is hosted by FSLs software partner at a monthly charge.  Contact me for a no obligation chat if you require more information. Look out for a demo of the system on my website coming soon.


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