Do you need some extra support in your food business?

‘Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do’

(Jess Campbell)

Why keeping legal and up to date is important?

As a food business owner you are passionate about food and customer service and creating amazing food. But you may not always have the time or expertise to keep on top of the legal stuff affecting your business.

This is particularly true at the moment with the continually changing world we live in due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

Legislation and guidance is changing at a fast pace, sometimes daily, with local and national restrictions.

This information can be confusing and you may not fully understand how it applies to your business and what you must do legally.

Getting this wrong could cost you dearly and this is where I can help you.

How I keep current on issues affecting hospitality businesses?

I visit hundreds of food businesses so have a wide and varied knowledge of the hospitality industry. I also am constantly updating my knowledge by attending COVID 19 update webinars.

Also I am a member of a national knowledge hub for Environmental Health Practitioners. So you can be assured the advice I am giving is up to date and current.

Food Safety v COVID 19

Food Safety has moved from the limelight recently with the COVID 19 epidemic. Food has not been identified as high risk in terms of the transmission of coronavirus. However food must still be handled and prepared by staff safely.

Rigorous controls must be in place in terms of food safety as well as health and safety to keep customers safe. So it is important to not lose focus on this part of managing your business.

And don’t forget allergens…

Prior to COVID 19 there was a lot of media coverage on managing allergens due to a number of tragic allergen related deaths linked to hospitality venues.

Again these issues still exist but have taken a back seat recently. However allergen information must be accurate and available and allergens managed properly to keep allergen sufferers safe.

The Q&A Support package

Why become part of my unique Q&A support package?

The idea behind this service  is that for a small monthly or hourly fee, you can have a qualified and experienced Environmental Health Officer on your team.

I will be there to give you advice and help with any food safety problems and Covid 19 issues connected with your business.

How does the Q&A support package work?

You can contact me by email, telephone or virtually (if you prefer a face to face chat -done in a safe way!) and I will aim to respond with 24 hours.

This is to make sure that you are not waiting around for long periods of time stewing over and worrying about your problem.

You can ask anything about Food Safety and Covid 19. I will use my experience and knowledge to give you an informed answer as quickly as possible.

And if I don’t know? …I have a huge network of contacts so will be able to do some digging and have some conversations. Then I can give you a response based on sound advice. (well after all I am only human!)

Please contact me if you wish to sign up for the Q&A support package.

During the month of October I am offering a free month’s trial to the first 2 people to get in touch.

So don’t miss out and contact me via my website




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