Covid 19

Most catering businesses were closed during lockdown due to the Coronavirus Regulations unless they were able to deliver or offer a takeaway service.

Restaurants, pubs and cafes are now allowed to re open as long as they are Covid 19 secure and have a risk assessment in place unless they have been affected by local restrictions.

Guidance and best practice is being published regularly but some of it may seem confusing and difficult to understand or find.

Here are some useful resources and documents to help you get your head around what to do whether your business is open, closed or you just want to get organized and plan for when the restrictions are lifted.

This page will be updated regularly as the changes happen and new information is available.

Get Your Catering Business Covid 19 Ready

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⚠Q&A Support Covid 19

Are you confused about Covid 19 and need reassurance that you are doing the right thing?

I can help by giving you upto date advice, click here for more details about our Q&A Support package

⚠Create a Covid 19 QR code for your food business

Click on the link Create a QR code here  and follow the simple instructions to create a QR code to help the NHS track and trace system.

Make sure you display it from 24th September 2020 and advise your customers to use it if they have a smart phone. If not you can record their details manually.

⚠Track and Trace

How to record your staff, customers and visitors information to help with the NHS Track and Trace system Read More.

⚠Food delivery and takeaway

If you decide to change your business to offer delivery and/or takeaway you must:

  • Contact your Local Environmental Health Department and tell them what the changes are
  • Update your Food Safety Management System or HACCP to include delivery and/or takeaway
  • If customers are ordering off a website or over the phone you must provide allergen information before they order and label the food being delivered or collected.
  • Put in place social distancing measures and complete a risk assessment*

⚠Coronavirus Risk Assessment – Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

The government guidance for completing a risk assessment for coronavirus is available for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services – Click Here

Once you have completed your risk assessment you can display this poster to tell customers you have done it

*Remember if you have more than 5 employees then legally you must write down your Covid-19 risk assessment.

⚠Coronavirus Risk Assessment – for all food businesses

UK hospitality put  together some advice for food businesses including dine in restaurants that opened from 4th July 2020 to help you put a risk assessment together.  Click here

⚠Check out my Free Risk Assessment Template

I have put together a Covid-19 risk assessment with some sample controls that you can use to get started. Sign up and get a free download  Click here

⚠Coronavirus re opening document

This checklist will help you to plan to re-open your business now the restrictions  have been lifted Re opening checklist

⚠Guidance for different types of businesses

⚠Signage (downloadable posters to print and display)

⚠Face Coverings

From 24th September 2020 face coverings in food businesses are now mandatory for staff or employers to wear (unless exempt) if they come into contact with customers. Customers must also wear face coverings unless they are seated and eating or drinking at a table.


From 24th September 2020:

All food businesses must close between 10pm and 5am. This is unless local restrictions apply or you offer deliveries/drive through and orders are made remotely e.g. online or by text etc..

In businesses such as restaurants and bars serving alcohol for consumption on the premises; food and drink can only be ordered and served when customers are seated.

Other businesses not serving alcohol in this way do not have to stick to table service. They can offer takeaways e.g.  in unlicensed coffee shops, as long as a risk assessment has been done.