Food businesses in England were restricted in how they operated last year  particularly during the ‘Stay at Home’ lockdowns at the height of the COVID epidemic. The good news is that following the gradual lifting of restrictions over the last 6 months coupled with the acceleration of the national vaccination program has resulted in most of the restrictions now having been lifted, apart from the wearing of masks in some indoor places and restrictions on numbers at events. 

BUT the government advice is that everyone should still be careful and minimise social contacts, spend time outside and wear face coverings in crowded places particularly with the emergence of the Omicron variant which is more transmissible than previous ones.

Businesses are being encouraged to display QR codes for NHS Track and Trace, clean touch surfaces regularly and reinforce personal hygiene as well as making sure spaces are well ventilated. These are not  legal requirements but are aimed to continue to help stop the spread of the virus.

Useful resources for your food business

Create a QR code for your food business (restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs)

Click on the link Create a QR code here  and follow the simple instructions to create a QR code to help the NHS track and trace system.

From 19th July you will not be required by law to display a QR code or take customer’s details but this is still encouraged. If you do display a QR code you must also have a system in place for customers who don’t have the app or a smart phone.

Track and Trace

How to record your staff, customers and visitors information manually to help with the NHS Track and Trace system Read More.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment – Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

Click here for latest version

Check out my Free Risk Assessment Template

Businesses are still expected to continue to reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19 in the workplace by taking precautions and putting controls in place.

Remember if you have more than 5 employees then legally you must write down your Covid-19 risk assessment.

A  Covid-19 risk assessment template for Step 4 with some sample controls that you can use to help you to review your current assessment is available here Risk Assessment Template

Signage (downloadable posters to print and display)

Signage (downloadable posters to print and display)

From 19th July 2021 it is not required by law for staff and employers to wear face coverings if they come into contact with customers. However encourage staff to wear a face covering particularly if they are unable to socially distance or are working indoors. .

The Government are also encouraging the wearing of face coverings in crowded spaces and on public transport.

New Updates

You should still have a plan in place incase of a COVID outbreak at your premises. You should nominate a single point of contact [SPOC] preferably a manger or supervisor. This person should get in touch and liaise with the Public Health Team if there are positive cases in your work place or a local outbreak.  Click here to search for your local health protection team in England.

Do not wait for NHS Track and Trace to contact you. Contact your local health protection team immediately if there are positive cases at your workplace to help prevent an outbreak.

You must not require a self-isolating worker to come to work, and should make sure that workers and customers who feel unwell do not come to work.