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Does food safety culture matter?


I attended a ‘kitchen conversation’ at the Royal Society of Public Health head office in London recently with Sterling Crew (Head of Technical at Kolak Snack Foods) and Dr. Lisa Ackerley (The Hygiene Doctor). One of the conversations we had was around food safety culture and how important it is for food businesses in helping to provide safe food for customers.

It seems that ‘Food safety Culture’ is the new buzz phrase being thrown around in the food industry but what does it actually mean to a food business?

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Q & A Support for food businesses

Times are changing in the food industry. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date with new food safety legislation, guidance and developments especially with the EU Exit thrown into the mix. If  you just want the answer to a question or food safety problem you might now always know who to ask or where to find the information.

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Veganuary – is vegan food safer?

Last summer I spent a few days doing food safety audits at various festivals around the country and many of the mobile traders were offering vegan food from Chinese dumplings, smoothies and vegan juices to vegan noodles and salads.

Food Safety Checks

These were generally the same regardless of the food being produced paying particular attention to hand washing facilities, temperature control, staff cleanliness, use of sanitiser etc but there seemed to be a general feeling that I got from the traders and organisers whilst doing the food safety checks, that vegan food was safer to eat as there was no risk of food poisoning from animal products including meat, fish etc which are commonly linked to salmonella, campylobacter and other food poisoning bacteria.

 “I mean how risky can it be eating vegan phad thai?”

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Why your business needs a food safety health check……

As a food business owner you are passionate about creating amazing food and a fantastic service experience for your customers, but you also need to maintain a good food hygiene rating score, make sure your food is safe so you don’t make people ill and keep within the law.  All this can cause you pain in terms of time and money and result in frustration and worry and might affect the profitability and success of your business.

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How the new Allergen Rules will affect your food business

If you prepare food like sandwiches or pies on site and then package them for sale then you need to be aware of how you will need to label these type of foods  in the future.


Mandatory allergen information must be provided  in terms of  the use of allergenic ingredients in food and food is divided into two categories pre-packed and non pre-packed which includes loose food, food packaged at the request of a customer and pre packed for direct sale.

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Do you want to improve your food safety knowledge to a supervisory level?

New Highfield Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Catering

This training  course will ensure you have the food safety knowledge to support you in your supervisory or managerial role.

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Food Safety Logic’s Top Tips for New Food Businesses

YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A NEW FOOD BUSINESS…………but make sure you follow the top tips below to get your food safety procedures right from the start to avoid costly mistakes and to keep your customers safe. Read more

Let me help to take the fear out of allergen management

Making sure your customers with allergies can eat safely is most probably top of the list of food safety concerns for small food business owners following recent tragic deaths and incidents publicised in the news. Read more

Free Allergen management advice for caterers

Food businesses must identify what allergens are present in the food they produce and serve; and have appropriate hygiene controls in place to ensure that cross contamination does not occur from allergenic food and ingredients to non-allergenic food. Read more

‘Think Allergy’ cards launched to help customers with allergies when eating out

Having a serious food allergy can feel like a game of ‘Russian Roulette’ for customers when eating out… Read more