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An effortless way to keep up to date with COVID guidance

The new ‘Steps’ legislation that enacts the Government’s Spring Road Map is up and running. Updates to guidance are being made regularly. As a food business you need to keep up to date with COVID guidance to make sure you follow the rules and your business stays legal.

How to keep ahead of the game

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Latest update for hospitality businesses opening in Step 2 from 12th April 2021

Are you a hospitality businesses  that has been closed or been offering takeaway or deliveries?

Are you gearing up to open in Step 2 in the Government’s road map?

The date is fast approaching and from 12th April you will be able to serve seated customers outside but your business must be Covid secure.

What’s New?

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Don’t miss out! Grab your seat on a virtual food safety training course.

The date is looming when hopefully hospitality businesses will be able to reopen (fingers crossed) if the Government’s road map goes to plan. If you have an external eating area outside this could happen as early as April 12th and inside from May 17th. As well as all the thousands of things you need to consider for re-opening don’t forget about training.

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Don’t let poor suppliers put your food business into crisis.

As a food business owner you have a duty to protect your customers and to make safe food. It all starts with the food that comes into your business.

How do you know if the food you are buying is safe?

Have you checked out your suppliers to make sure the food they are selling is not contaminated?

Not knowing the answers to these questions could put your business into crisis and damage your reputation.

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7 ways to make managing food safety in your business painless

Food Safety Management can be a huge headache if you let it. For some business owners even those 3 words can bring them out in an uncomfortable sweat!!

Many smaller food businesses do not have food safety expertise in house and therefore outsource it to consultants.  However it is up to you to make sure that safe food is produced or served every day to stay legal. Food safety should underpin everything you do in your food business and be managed effectively.

Here are 7 ways to make managing food safety in your business as painless as possible:

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5 tips to help you get your food labelling right.

Guest Blog by Marie Kettlewell, Food Labelling Specialist

Getting food labelling right is an important part of a successful food business. It will help you to avoid costly mistakes that could impact consumer safety, or other issues that could damage your reputation.

You should follow labelling legislation to allow customers to make informed choices. This can also help them to safely store and use the food you are making.

As food labelling can be a challenging task for small to medium food businesses. Here are my 5 tips to help you get started with food labelling for your business.

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What to expect if you book a virtual training course with Food Safety Logic?

It can be difficult to make that crucial decision on which training company to go with once you have identified some training gaps in your staff’s skills or knowledge.  Maybe your staff have not attended a course for a while or they may just need a refresher.  There have been a few changes in the last few years particularly in relation to allergens and more recently acrylamide, so it’s important to keep up to date. Food safety courses are usually based on online, virtual or blended learning.

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How to use a risk evaluation tool when putting together your FSMS

In my previous blog I talked about How to get your head around Food Safety Management Systems including the seven principles of HACCP and what your food safety management system should include.

What is a risk evaluation tool?

As part of this process you could use a risk evaluation tool to work out if further analysis of hazards are needed. You should do this before you use the Codex decision tree which will help you to decide what is critical in the production or service of your food. The risk assessment tool can identify which steps have a lower risk rating and therefore less importance over the high risk ones.

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The best way to train your staff during lockdown

You need to follow the rules and stay legal when it comes to staff training. Food business owners must make sure their staff are ‘suitably trained or supervised’ to keep customers safe.

If you are considering training new or existing  staff during the COVID restrictions. Either to fill gaps in their knowledge or to make sure they have the skills to do their jobs then virtual training could help your business.

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A glossary of terms to help you understand HACCP

As in most industries or areas of work, there are a lot of terms and acronyms used in the world of food safety. This can make things appear  complicated and confusing. This is because there are many terms used which are unfamiliar and specialised and are not used in common language.

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