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Some of the questions on Covid you want answers to but were too afraid to ask

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Covid is everywhere – on the TV, in the newspapers, on news apps, websites – there is so much advice and guidance, dos and do nots, rights and wrongs that it can often be too confusing and is resulting in Covid information overload.

Business owners are spending a lot of their day searching on the internet for updates that apply to their sector or business as the legislation is changing so quickly. The guidance published is sometimes wordy and generic and the question everyone wants answered is ‘What do I need to do?’

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A complete guide to updating your risk assessments now

Covid rules are  changing at a fast pace, sometimes daily, with local restrictions determined by the three-tier Covid alert levels and national lock downs.

With each update you will need to think how the changes affect your food business and if your risk assessment needs updating.

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How to ‘nudge’ your customers into doing the right thing

Have you got Covid fatigue?

Unfortunately  many people seem to be suffering from this new condition as we pass the 6 month milestone of the Coronavirus epidemic. In response to this ‘nudging’ is being considered as a possible solution to the problem. Hopefully to help change public health behaviours and to get everyone ‘doing the right thing’.

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How keeping your records up to date can help keep customers safe

‘It is better to be safe than sorry’ (American Proverb)

One of the food safety tools that will help keep your customers safe is your food safety management system. It is the back bone of food safety in your business and if you don’t have one you could have legal action taken against you.

It is your personal business manual which documents how, when, where and why you do things. This is particularly important when things go wrong so you can make them right and make sure that every customer has safe food and you never have to be sorry.

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Do you need some extra support in your food business?

‘Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do’

(Jess Campbell)

Why keeping legal and up to date is important?

As a food business owner you are passionate about food and customer service and creating amazing food. But you may not always have the time or expertise to keep on top of the legal stuff affecting your business.

This is particularly true at the moment with the continually changing world we live in due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

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Top tips on setting up a new catering business in Covid 19

How Covid 19 has affected the hospitality industry

Many food businesses have been brought to their knees during the Covid 19 epidemic.

According to Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK Hospitality:

“Ours was the first to take a hit, took the hardest hit, and will take longer than most to recover”.

However some businesses have diversified and became takeaways or community kitchens whilst others have stayed as sit down restaurants.  They have had to limit their customer capacity and changed where customers sit to keep everyone safe.

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Have you reviewed your Food Safety Management System recently?

What is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS)?

A FSMS  is a written record that shows what you actually do in your food business, it is sometimes referred to as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). It should include what can go wrong, what you can do about it, the standard you must achieve, what you should check and write down and what you need to do if it isn’t right.

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Are you waiting for your next Food Hygiene Rating inspection?

Are you a new food business or are you waiting for an inspection so you can get your Food Hygiene Rating?

This rating can let your customers know that you are doing things right and give them assurance that they can eat safely with you. Also it can give you a competitive advantage over other food businesses who may have a lower rating.

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How virtual chats or visits can help your food business

Introduction to the virtual world of work

Since March 2020 and the emergence of Covid 19, there has been a unprecedented move to virtual chats and video conferencing whether it be via Facetime, WhatsApp Video, Zoom or Google hangouts.  Whatever you like it or not virtual meetings are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

If you would like a bit of light reading, I wrote a post on Linkedin in May this year debating:

‘working from home  Is it bad to stay in my pyjamas all day?’ 

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How FSL consultancy can help you with Risk Assessments to get your food business Covid 19 Ready

How FSL has been  helping food businesses.

As an EHO And food safety management consultant I have been helping businesses with their food safety and risk assessments to make sure they are Covid 19 ready. I have produced a really useful risk assessment template that you can sign up to  with lots of example controls you can put in place. Also I have been posting FAQs and tips on Linkedin sharing best practice from food businesses who have opened or are in the process of opening.

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