Be one of the first to try out the new FSL Daily Diary Web App

Go Digital with Food Safety Logic. Take advantage of portable data which can be accessed onsite or remotely on any phone, tablet or computer at any time.

In my blog Don’t let paperwork drive you crazy. Join the digital revolution now. I highlighted the advantages of going digital. I explain how Food Safety Logic is using digital technology in our audits and monitoring records. A digital food safety management system is also taking shape so watch this space……

How does the web app work?

Simply use the URL to log in to the web app on any device using an existing email address and unique password which we will forward to you. There is an initial set up fee and nominal monthly charge for the web app, please Contact me for more information.

The Daily Diary can include the following monitoring checks:

  • opening and closing checks
  • delivery temperature checks
  • hot food temperature checks
  • cooling/freezing temperature checks
  • cleaning checks
  • probe calibration

There is a comments box to document any incidents. Record contamination or allergen issues or anything that goes wrong that day here.

Record your supplier details and include monitoring and forms bespoke to your business. Tell us to omit or add fields as required.

Non-compliance – reminders and recording

There is a reminder for staff on what the target limits set by the company. For example the legal limit for fridges is 8C however the target limit could be 5C. If the temperature check recorded exceeds the target limit then there is a reminder to record any corrective action taken in the comments box. For example ‘turned the fridge down to 4C’.

Management control and reporting

Check a completion button once the daily checks have been completed. This stops changes being made by staff after the day has been reviewed. It can always be released afterwards by a nominated manager who has access to the app. Run reports from the web app with regards to specific checks making it a useful management reporting tool to identify recurring issues or trends.

Put your name down now for the FSL web app launch

Contact me with your details to get on the list. Be one of the first to start using the FSL Daily Diary Web App. A pilot trial is taking place in August and the app will be ready to launch on 1st September 2021.


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