3 Foolproof tips to getting food safety right

food safety in a kitchen

A common problem for food businesses

I have been inspecting and supporting food businesses for over 20 years, and in this time I have seen businesses fail that could potentially be a great success. This is often because  their food safety management is substandard potentially putting customers at risk. 

The good news is there are a number of very obvious solutions to this problem. They usually fall into 3 areas being:

1. Food Safety Management

Managing food safety is something you need to do every day. Putting the following systems in place will help everything run like clockwork and get food safety culture firmly embedded into your business. 

2. Staffing

The Hospitality staffing crisis post COVID restrictions in the UK has caused many issues for food businesses including not having experienced staff to manage food safety day-to day.

Food safety monitoring records need signing off by a member of staff who understands food safety risks and how to manage them. Getting the right people in place can take pressure of you as the business owner to do everything yourself.

Your staff must also understand your business operations, recording when things go wrong and the action they took. This links to the next section on training.

3. Training

Staff training is key to getting food safety right, whether on the job or via online, virtual or face to face training courses.

Your staff need to have the knowledge and skills on food safety and what the  critical control points are in the food they produce and serve.

All kitchen and food service staff must have allergen awareness training. They need to understand how food for someone with a food allergy can become contaminated. Also how to signpost customers and give accurate information on allergens.

The Digital Daily Diary

If you want to get food safety right in your food business check out the digital Food Safety Logic daily diary as part of your food safety management system. All your monitoring checks in one place. Designed by EHO’s for food businesses. 


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